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Study life: Coffee Life

I'm at Bard coffee which is the "voted best remote office" coffee spot of choice in Portland to study bc I needed to get out of the house and also lez be honest - the girl works here and not only do I get free lattes until the cows come home but I get to see her.

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Love is so Sweet

Secret messages at the coffee shop


Kelsey is moving in. Classic lez uhaul.


Holy crap

I have had so much of my childhood sex abuse be UP lately and fuxk I'm so tired of having to navigate the damage and it's effects on me.

It helps to have a feminist/philosophy brilliant academic sweetheart slash poetry whore to navigate the terrain with but I am so DOnE with the physical effects of the damage and how repressed/cut off I often feel from feeling anything below the neck...

can I have a physical repatterning now please? Can I move forward from some of this shame for 2017? I would be ever. So. Grateful.

I want full access

Orgasms that I dont run away from in fear of what is behind them. I want to trust that feeling pleasure is not only socially and physically acceptable but also emotionally safe.

I have a new girlfriend.

Goddess I am so glad to be back with wimmin again. What a strange trip that was dating men but I really needed to explore my attraction to masculinity and figure out where the lines were. I was also having a major biological clock thing and needed to test the universe to see if heteronormativity was actually for me. Thank God It's Not.

I went out for Halloween as a heterosexual brunette. It was pretty amazing, and also I was a bit cranky and overwhelmed

Nov. 3rd, 2014

its the end of an era
that much is clear

feelings #erectiledyfunction

i dont know what im feeling

except to say that men whose dicks dont get hard, or dont stay hard when one wants them to, is confusing.

there has been a new boy, sailor two.
perhaps already cum and gone?
36 hour weekend (okC stranger) date.

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